Saturday, 19 May 2012

Busina Mo, Dunong Ko

This week was the first time I went with VIDES’ mobile education project (Busina Mo, Dunong Ko) to some of the neighbouring villages. 5 days a week VIDES takes a small van full of volunteers, toys and snacks and goes to these villages  to spend time with the kids and hold learning sessions for them.

On Tuesday afternoon we loaded up the Busina and I finally got to meet Helen (Canadian volunteer from AFS) for the first time! She got here just a week before I did and is leaving at the end of July. On the way to one of the villages NIA road we stopped off to buy food for the children, a local starbucks even donated pastries.  Riza said that since it was the summer holidays we don’t teach any classes and we just play games with the children. When we finally reach NIA road Melvin (Volunteer who was driving) started honking the horn so the kids know to come out. Sadly we had to have the BMDK on a road with traffic continuously driving by since there is no other place. According to Riza the drivers know that a lot of children play here, so they actually drive slower when they come down this street. The kids were awesome, so loving and friendly. Some of the boys started calling Helen and I milk and chocolate (for obvious reasons). On Saturday we went to two locations (Pasay and Delpan) for BMDK. At the beginning of each session we had songs and dancing- next time I will take a video and post it so you guys can check out my expert dance moves. I noticed that since the kids don’t have toys of their own, they make do with whatever they find. Some of the kids had found an old metal can and were playing a Filipino version of flip cup with it. There were colouring books in Tagalog with English translations, so I sat down with one of the girls and had her read the English while I read the Tagalog, as expected her English was waaay better than my Tagalog! Here are some of the photos I took, I'll upload more as the weeks go by.
      With the kids at Nia Road. Helen in green, Amy in purple and Helen in the striped shirt.

                                                          Kids lining up to get toys


  1. Milk and chocolate! ROFL.
    Hope you'll continue learning tagalog steadily

  2. Hi Megan! Found your blog! Hope you have an enriching time in the Philippines.