Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hello from Manila!

Hello Family and Friends, sorry for the late update! After a very long 28 hour journey I finally arrived in Manila on Saturday afternoon.  I have to admit I got a bit teary eyed before I left, the fact that I will be away for 6 months only really started to sink in a day or two ago.

                                                                 Saying Bye at Pearson

Thankfully I had no problems at all! Immigration and customs were a breeze, I didn’t get asked any questions, and in fact I doubt they even checked to see if I had a visa or outgoing plane ticket. Baggage claim was a bit stressful, my bags were one of the last ones out so it was a very tense hail mary filled 30 minutes. Sr Jojo and another VIDES volunteer were there at the airport to pick me up.  During the van ride to the school Sr. Jojo was telling me about the different missions they had and some of the work I would be doing. They have a small residential school for about 17 girls who have been victims of sexual abuse. She said the youngest girl was 6 years old! Apparently the building they are at now is pretty dilapidated and there had even been a fire due to bad electrical circuiting. They recently got approval from Rome to build a new school for them, but they need help writing a project proposal to get funding. According to Sr. Jojo there is also another Canadian volunteer here! She doesn’t live with the Sisters but comes every day to work with them. In July there is a group of Korean VIDES volunteers coming for a month and in the fall a few volunteers from Europe.

                               In the van coming from the airport. My bad photo taking skills

When we finally reached the school Sr. Jojo showed me to my room and gave me a quick tour:


The room is nice, though I did get a shock when I walked into the bathroom and saw a cockroach!! It took a few swats to kill it, so after that I made sure to put my tooth brush in a ziplock at all times and leave no bag unopened.  After a quick shower and some unpacking I went for dinner with the Sisters. There were only a few there because some of them were on retreat, but hopefully today I shall meet more of them. 
That’s all for now, leave comments below!


  1. Hi Megan,

    Happy to learn that you arrived safely. And good for you for killing that cockroach. I never found the courage to do it myself...

    How's the heat, by the way?

    I'll be actively following your blog, so I hope you write a bunch!!

    Happy feast of St. Matthias!

    P.S. Did you mean that you will leave no bag OPENED?

  2. @Joyce it is soo hot here! Im sweating all the time, I never feel clean! Yes I meant no bag opened, I was a bit sleepy when writing the post lol

  3. Hey Megan,

    Welcome to the land of 3 showers a day! =P

    Anyway, these are the sufferings that we are called to bear. Not all of us can wear the martyr's crown, so we bear suffering in other ways. =) We'll tackle this one together. I'll be in Asia again in about a month. You can betcha I'll be sweating buckets everyday too! Haha.

    And about your new post: yes, the poverty is heart-breaking and astonishing for Western eyes. But that's also what makes their genuine joy (and especially GENEROSITY) all the more heart-warming and humbling.

    By the way, I laughed out loud about the Indian head-shake comment!

    Happy happy day!

    1. You are so right about their generosity! Some of the kids offer us the snacks they are eating and even their toys. Where in Asia will you be?

  4. Megan! I checked out your blog...looks awesome! I am so happy you're doing this. I hope you have the most amazing time.
    I must warn you about cockroaches. If you kill them by stepping on it or squashing it and it happens to be a pregnant female, all of the eggs will come out and scatter. eeek i know. You can also kill them by spraying them with whatever spray they have there or turning them on their backs because they don't know how to turn back around. Just a suggestion, but up to you :)
    Hope you keep enjoying yourself!

    1. ohhh mannnn! thanks for telling me! Today I will go and buy cockroach spray. How is guyana???