Sunday, 20 May 2012

JP2 Conference

So the reason why I have been MIA for the past few days is because I was at a 3 day youth ministry conference. Each day would start off with Mass in the morning followed by a two hour talk then lunch and finally a 4 hour workshop.  The workshop I signed up for was about Bible sharing techniques for youth using Bibliodrama. I was a bit skeptical about how interesting a 3 day, 4 hour a day workshop could be. I also had no idea what bibliodrama was, and boy was I in for a surprise. Turns out it is about meditating on bible verses using dance, gesturing, doll playing etc. I guess I should have realized this was no ordinary workshop when during the ice breaker we had to introduce ourselves using a gesture and people started doing dance moves.  Also all our opening prayers during the workshop were in the form of a dance.
                                                                         Joy the faciliator

Pictures taken during some of the dances:

Doll playing exercise: We got into groups of two and had to use a doll and a scarf to represent a person who was living in fear (like the apostles in the upper room after the crucifixion). Steve (my partner) and I chose a story from the news-recently a famous Filipino actress got kicked by a reporter after trying to grab his camera.  Joy then started interviewing some of the “dolls.” I was REALLY glad she didn’t interview us infront of the class (Steve was even planning on putting on a female’s voice during the interview) because the people who were interviewed had really deep, sad stories- people stuck in bad relationships, people suffering from abortions etc.
                                                                          Steve and I with our doll

Blind folded exercise- Half the class was blindfolded then had to find a non blind folded person and feel their hands. Then we had to reflect on who their hands remind us of. I ended up with Steve again- KP his hands reminded me of you! Then we switched and it was turn for the other half of the class to be blindfolded. This time I got Divina. We got to talking, and I found out that she recently quit a really good job to work with street children!

The workshop was pretty awesome! Filipinos are soo friendly, I love them! Everyone made the effort to get to know each person in the class! Even outside the workshop people would come up to me and start chatting. I met so many new people J and learnt a bunch of new dances.
(Martin if you are reading this, Bibliodrama is going to revolutionize CL- I bought a CD with all the dances :D)
Class picture

On the last day of the conference, there were even games:

Participants had to jump to grab the prizes. Helen and I decided to sit this one out- we tower over most of the girls here and it would be unfair!

Game called Paluan ng Palayok. One person is blindfolded and tries to hit a pot, while their partner shouts directions and the rest of the people try to distract them by screaming as loud as they can. They even try to trick the hitter by making a broom touch the bat so the person thinks they have reached the pot. I tried it first as the hitter and Helen guiding me, but I missed the pot L. Then Melvin was the hitter and I was guiding him. He nearly hit the broom, but luckily he heard me screaming that it was a trick and he eventually hit the right target and we won! We both got free t-shirts J
At the end of the conference we had a fiesta and dinner, overall it was a great time!
 Me and my new Tshirt

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