Saturday, 2 June 2012


I was talking to Sarah the other day and she told me that a lot of the Indians in the Philippines are in the money lending business. Kind of the like the payday loans in Canada with the really high interest rates. The lend money to the squatters and every morning they come collecting on their motorbikes. Filipinos call them Boombay. Unfortunately I have noticed a few times people calling me that- I do not want them to think I lend money at high interest rates to poor people! So I keep trying to emphasize that I’m Canadian.

On a more positive note,  Amy, Helen, Varry, Melvin and I took some of the VIDES children from NIA road to see the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. PETA was giving away tickets to non profits to see the show. It was a really good!

Also on Friday we went to Recto to give the younger kids coupons for schools supplies since the first day of school is on Monday. Turns out that Recto is right next to the city jail (so not sure how safe that is). The kids were great though- I made friends with some of the high school boys. The older kids speak more English so it’s easier to communicate. Next week during the Busina we start teaching, lets see how that goes!

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