Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day in the life of...

So I thought I would write a post about what my typical day is usually like J

5:30am: Alarm goes off. No matter what time I go to bed the night before it’s always so hard to wake up so early!

6:00am: I hurry down to the chapel for Mass and morning prayer at 6. There is meditation from 5:30 to 6, but I usually skip it since it’s just too early for me. Luckily on the weekends mass is at 6:30 so I get to sleep in for an extra half hour.

6:30-6:45am:  I go to the front gates and greet the students coming in before morning assembly. The sisters run a private school here- Don Bosco School, so it’s always noisy with kids J When school started they introduced me to all the students, so now whenever I walk around campus the children are always calling out “Hi Miss Megan or Hi Ate Megan!” it’s really cute!

6:45-7:15am: Breakfast!

7:15-8:30am: After breakfast I have free time till 8:30 so I usually just do laundry (I have to hand wash all my clothes L ) or go back to my room to read.

8:30-11:00am: I go to the VIDES office next door. I’m usually not busy in the morning, so sometimes I go out during recess to say hi to some of the students.

11:00am-Noon: Lunch! After lunch as I head back to the VIDES office I stop to chat with some of the students.

Noon- 1:30pm: Back at the VIDES office. At 1:30 I pack up my stuff and get ready to go out on the Busina.

2:00pm - ??: Busina! (Best part of my day!) The time we get back varies depending on traffic or what we have planned to do with the kids. If the Busina is cancelled due to rain or any other reason I usually go to a mall to watch a movie or shop.

5:10pm-6:30pm: If I make it back in time I go for the rosary, evening prayer, spiritual reading with the Sisters.

6:30-7pm: TV watching time!

7pm-8pm: Dinner. If it’s a feast day or a sisters birthday, there is cake and special food made! We even have special table mats, decorations and small gifts for everyone. Luckily this happens quite frequently!

8-8:30pm: Recreation- sometimes it’s a move, other times is dancing to Richard Simmons work out videos. That’s correct, me and nuns dancing to Richard Simmons- picture that in your head!

9 or 10pm: Bed time!
Birthday Celebrations with Sr. Senny, Sr. Aida, Sr. Tita

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  1. You convinced Sr. Jojo to let you go to the mall by yourself! :o